What is a domain backorder?

  • What is a domain backorder?

    What is a domain backorder?

    Domain backor-dering refers to a service that most domain registrars offer which will allow you to register a domain name that will soon be expiring in hopes of capturing the rights to that domain name before someone else grabs it.

    There is typically a period of unpredictable time, normally around three hours, in which the domain is deleted from the registrar’s database when it then becomes available for someone else to register. We at Gold Star Names give you an opportunity to Acquire such a domain and deal only with Premium and moderate to high value domain names. The domain is actually not yet available when you place it on backorder. Although the current owner can not renew the domain at this point, if you are planning to buy it you have to wait until it drops.

    The great thing about backordering domains with us is that you can back-order the domain name that you want regardless of whether it is a brand new name or one that was registered years ago. The thing to keep in mind when planning to use the back-ordering option with Gold Star Names, you are working with a company that has multiple registrar’s and an extremely high success rate of capturing domain names within the capturing time aloted.

    You should also keep in mind that not all expired domain names can be back-ordered. The owner may soon renew them before they are permanently deleted by the registrar or they may possibly be on HOLD status pending the outcome or settlement of a trademark or other dispute. There is a rare instance that we may not capture a domain name, however, we will make every effort to acquire the domain name for you. In some cases we will need to go into a higher auction platform and will work solely on your behalf, if you have the highest offer, prior to the dropping of said domain name.

    You will also be notified through the process if you have the highest offer, prior to the domain name dropping. If someone comes in with a higher offer, you would then be notified and have the opportunity to counter that offer at that time. We look forward to acquiring your desired domain name for you shortly. Thank you for choosing Gold Star Names, your number one Premium domain name back-ordering Service.

    *** Keep in mind, offers do not require payment information to be submitted for the desired domain name and you will only be contacted upon us capturing the domain to make a payment at that time. Once you purchase the domain, it will be delivered to you immediately and all login details will be delivered to your email on file. We count on all offers to be legitimate and the person making the offer to follow through with payment for the domain name, upon us capturing the domain name. Please notify us within 48 hours prior to the domain name dropping, if you wish to rescind your offer.

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