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Intelligent & Creative

IKTAC Creation is a place where people from all walks of life get something fruitful. We are a group of professional developers and are adept in providing professional trainings and programs in various fields. To provide the necessary support to the corporates, we have a number of corporate training programs which not only add value to the knowledge base of the corporate employees, but also motivates them to work towards taking the organisation on an acme of success. For the beginners, we offer a number of talented fields such as Web designing, graphic designing, web development etc. for them to kick start their career.

  • Start Career Professionally

    Are you hunting for an organisation which can shape up your career in IT or provide you with some exclusive professional training or are you looking up for an organisation which can provide helpful courses such as Web designing, Graphic designing, Web development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Multimedia, then the most relevant answer for all these desires is IKTAC Creation. We are located at Moti Nagar in North Delhi. You can visit our center anytime. We are always available to extend the helping hand.

  • Remove Fresher Stamp

    The enticing factor about our organization is that we guide our students, not as faculty, but as colleagues. This is the reason the students are made to engage in the different projects we have in our kitty both in the National and International Level. This way the students get a lot more knowledge not only by reading books, but by gaining experience in doing the same. Our students get full liberty to apply their skills as well as creativity while designing and developing websites. We also give them the knowledge about modern techniques such as bug handling. Our prime goal is to remove the fresher stamp from your resume and add a professional portfolio in it. With us, you not only gain knowledge, but also professional experience.

  • No! Begging for Placement

    When you are a fresher you have to act according to the whims and fancies of the professional hirers both in terms of salary and job; the reason being lack of requisite experience. But the moment you gain the in depth knowledge and glorious experience from our organization, you yourself can quote your salary and terms of jobs. Once you join here, you become a powerhouse of experience in design and development and a great sense of understanding of both the practical and technical aspects of the work.

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We have great experience in...

Here are some of many areas we are excellent in and in which we have many experience.

  • 95%
    Web design
  • 87%
    Graphic design
  • 64%
    Front end development
  • 55%
    Back end development
  • 85%
  • 79%
    Training & education

Our values

We aspire to provide our clients a high quality web services which do not make a hole in their pocket and at the same time serves their purpose to the maximum extend. We further aspire to shape up the career of the newbies in an excellent manner by providing them the necessary professional training.

Our vision is towards increasing our market share up to 56% and decreasing our turnaround time by 15%. This way we can provide the quality services in an efficient manner.

An organisation without a strategy is like a bird without wings. Our only strategy is to constantly improve the quality of our services and various products by hiring more efficient web developers and web designers. Our aim is to increase our product quality by 20% and more

Services we offer


We at IKTAC, are a team of professional web designers who design a website in accordance with the requirements specified by the client. We assure the client that the design of the website will speak gloriously about the services and the purpose for which the client is preparing the website. We indulge in an exclusive research about the websites of the existing competitors and then use our sense of creativity in design.

Like a mother cannot differentiate between her children, similarly a designer cannot compromise on his designs. We assure of building a purposeful website, be it small or big, dynamic or static, irrespective of the budget constraint. We believe that the websites we design adds to our portfolio also. Hence, it is significant to design a website which speaks for itself

More details...

Web Development

We at IKTAC, believes in offering customized solutions to our clients with regard to the web development process by gathering the web requirements and then defining the web application. We have an eminent team of web professionals who possess years of experience in the field of web designing and development .

Thus can provide a solution which meets both the commercial as well as technical aspects of the web projects. While we work on the web projects, our sole motive is to deliver the best solution rather than focussing on the monetary aspects by selling out our skills or products.

Graphic Desining

There are a lot of similarities between a brand and a newborn child. Just like a newborn child has no name, you have to give him a name, nurture him and make him survive in the world; the same is applicable for a brand. The brand name is the identity of an organisation.

The name of the brand should stand for its services. With graphic designing, we prepare the brand logo and brand design. Our team of experts is adept in designing such graphics which speak volumes about the brand

Website PromotionWith such an increase in the number of websites available in the web space, website promotion has become one of an essential service for website designers. It is significant to attract the right bunch of audience to get the adequate traffic.
We are efficient in providing services such as website promotion, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Optimization and Link exchange.

Website Promotion

We have an expert team of professionals who are having an enriching experience in the field of website services such as designing, development and promotion. We impart the similar learning to our students and prepare them for the professional front.

We make them learn things by doing it; thus we make them a part and parcel of our different projects and hence give them the experience which makes them aware about the technical as well as professional aspects of the web projects.

Our happy Clients

Our path to Perfection

It was a long journey to come where we are now. Here is how we started.


Bringing team together

We are two individuals who shared the same passion i.e. web development. One fine day, we thought of making a living through our passion only.



Our first successful project

In the year 2012, we laid our first stone of success, by successfully completing one web project and received loads of appreciation for the same.


Path to success

In the year 2014, we built numerous websites and brought to light the ideas and desires of a number of clients. We made a concrete place for ourselves in the web arena, through our qualitative services, honesty and sincerity



Leading company in web development

With our hard work, a sense of honesty, integrity and sincerity, we become one of the leading company in the web industry.

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