Graphic Designing

Graphic Design Course

Special Creative Graphics Classes

  • Basics of Computers

  • Design Principles

  • Understanding your audience

  • Past and future of design

  • Vector vs. Raster

  • Color Modes

  • Color Meanings and Importance

  • Hierarchy, Alignment and Design Balance

  • Typography

  • Case Studies

  • Gestalt theory of Psychology Design

Shaping Illustration and Design

  • Creative Visualization

  • Concept Development

  • Scribbling Layouts

  • Icon and Logo Design

  • Landscapes Illustration

  • All Print Media Design

  • Cartooning Illustration

  • Information Graphics

  • Brochure, Catalogue and Stationery Designs

  • Designing Presentations

  • Vector Brush Art

Image Manipulation and Effects

  • Advance Raster Techniques

  • Vectoring and Retouching

  • Creating Collages and masks

  • Image handling and Control

  • Special Effects

  • Color Correction

  • Photo-restoration technique

  • Brush art work

  • Matt and Digital painting

  • All Masking Techniques

Pre and Post Press Know how

  • All types of Printing Techniques

  • Graphics File Format

  • Resolution LPI vs. DPI

  • Color Separation and Special Colors

  • Page Assembly Publishing

  • Impositions

  • How Advertising Agency works

  • Managing Fonts in PC’s and MAC

  • Preparing Files for Service Bureau

  • Color Bars, Cutting and Crop Marks

  • Margins, Bleed and Slug areas

  • PDF for Media files

  • Trapping and Overprinting

  • Types of Papers and their Sizes

  • Print Media Cost Estimation

  • Unit Relations and Measurements

  • Scanning Tips

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